Property Management

The Enfield Group Inc. is a professional Property Management Company, managing residential condominium, rental apartment buildings, condominium high-rise buildings, townhouse complexes, commercial office buildings, commercial/industrial plazas, co-operative housing communities, and non-profit housing. We also manage senior citizen communities in Carlisle and Waterdown.

The Enfield Group Inc. Property Managers role:


  • Maintain a 24-hour emergency answering service

  • Attend Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings

  • Inspect the common areas with written reports

  • Hiring and supervising of employees 

  • Co-ordinate building and grounds maintenance 

  • Arranging for competitive quotes for contractual services 

  • Arrange for the purchase of equipment and supplies 

  • Prepare annual budget with the Board of Directors/Landlords 

  • Receive and respond to correspondence with owners 

  • Deal with telephone calls and e-mails from owners and residents 

  • Ensure that By-laws, rules and regulations are enforced 

  • Arrange for review of By-laws and Section 98 as required 

  • Prepare and circulate minutes of meetings to the Board 

  • Arrange for property appraisal and review of building insurance 

  • Prepare and circulate notices and correspondence with owners 

  • Process lien forms as required 

  • Process rent increase forms as required 

  • Maintain a registry of all owners and residents 

  • Arrange for seasonal newsletters to be sent out 

  • Perform an energy audit if required 

  • Use recycled goods where possible

The Enfield Group Inc. will act as the Corporation's registered office and maintain: 


  • Minute Book 

  • Up-to-date owners / resident list 

  • All other Corporate files 


The Enfiled Group Property Managers receive ongoing training on industry related topics that affect your condominium corporation to ensure that your home and investment are well protected.

49 Robinson, Hamilton - Highrise

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